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Line Monitoring Software (LMS) для TruePath Technologies

Line Monitoring Software (LMS) для TruePath Technologies



Project clientside developed using ExtJS technology.

A project for a leading edge IT software and services company that specializes in in-house services for new or existing IT monitoring software and offers software with an “easy to use” web based portal that provides bandwidth and line quality monitoring.

Customer-centric data can be reported and charted, helping users maximize the potential of their equipment. The interface is intuitive and can display individual parameters or aggregates graphically with just a click. Charting and reporting functions are fully customizable.

Charting features with TPT-LMS offer nearly limitless presentation options. Ranges can be specified and varied with minimal effort, making navigation seamless. Scales are easily modified, to encompass the precise viewable area desired. Charts can be sized and printed to customer specifications.

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